What is VR?

VR stands for virtual reality. There are many definitions for virtual reality, but VR is generally associated with media that is stereoscopic, where a sense of depth is achieved by having an offset image for each eye. It is a fully immersive experience where you can not see the outside world, unlike AR.

What is AR?

AR stands for augmented reality. This is often referred to as mixed reality. AR overlays virtual objects and images on top of your view of the world. This is done by scanning your surroundings and using it as a base mesh for other software to interact with.

What does VR Guest do?

VR Guest creates immersive content using stereoscopic video and photos, as well as virtual “lobbies”. This content can be used to achieve an extraordinary amount of presence. So far we have been using the content to promote businesses, capture memories, and create virtual tours, but who knows where it may go from here!

Do I need a VR headset for 360° photos and video?

No! 360° photos and videos can be uploaded many places online, including some social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube. However, to see stereoscopic content in 3D, you will need a headset.

Does VR Guest make actual VR content, or just flat 360° content?

We are able to create fully stereoscopic content for VR, as well as flat 360° for non-VR platforms. We understand that it is important to have media that can reach everyone, so we provide both.